The Draconic Prophecies

The Coat of Eyes

Wherein our heroes face the cult of Belashyrra...

• The heroes faced reeve Toraash and his crazed, mutated followers in a harrowing battle in the depths of Khyber near Blackroot in the Shadow Marches.
• After it abandoned Toraash and headed for Alia, Galleon bonded with the Coat of Eyes and it granted him a strange vision: He flew out of his body across the land of Khorvaire until he was above Sharn. He fell from the sky past the floating towers and districts of the City of Knives into the Cogs beneath the city and winding his way through the tunnels, he wound up within a trap-laden tomb und ultimately in a ritual chamber as a skeletal woman wearing an ornate funerary mask with cold green fire in her eyes assumed an ornamented crown.
• By defeating Toraash and the cultists, the heroes were able to rescue Doria Veledaar, though she is only now awakening. Perhaps when she regains consciousness she can let the heroes know what lies in the chambers beyond…



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