The Draconic Prophecies

Redline to Blackroot

Wherein our heroes investigate a strange village...

• The heroes arrived in Blackroot in the Shadow Marches and found the village to be less than hospitable. After being in town for only a few minutes, they were asked to leave by reeve Toraash, a sheriff of sorts.
• The heroes investigated to home of the Veledaar family and found signs of a struggle and a holy symbol of a mummified eye on a necklace.
• Following a trail of arcane energy, the heroes made their way into a cavern system and found a defaced holy shrine and walls covered in living words that caused the heroes to turn on one another before coming to their senses.
• Emerging from a tunnel into a natural cavern, the heroes discovered the reeve Toraash girded in a breastplate made of muscle and covered with living eyes. At his side was a mob of cultists and a horrific tentacled creature stood over the prone form of Doria Veledaar.



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