Darius Trueblood

Longtooth Shifter Warden of the Eldeen Reaches


Worgen warrior


Darius is a longtooth shifter (natural werewolf) warden and a freelance bounty hunter working with House Tharashk. He is also a former member of the druidic sect known as the Gatekeepers.

He loves to laugh and drink, and Darius loves a good competition to show off his talents. He is quick to come to the aid of his friends or those in need, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to defend nature against aberrations, outsiders, undead and other unnatural horrors. He is also prone to rash decisions and is known in the House for his overconfidence.

Orphaned as a child in the Eldeen Reaches, Darius was raised there by his mentor, Jaga, a razorclaw shifter and member of the Gatekeepers. Through his natural talent and strength and through Jaga’s wise counsel, Darius has grown into a powerful warrior and formidable foe to all things unnatural.

Darius went forth into greater Khorvaire when he came of age and has traveled to the Shadow Marches and the monster nation of Droaam in his pursuit of those most wanted.

Darius Trueblood

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