The Draconic Prophecies

The Coat of Eyes
Wherein our heroes face the cult of Belashyrra...

• The heroes faced reeve Toraash and his crazed, mutated followers in a harrowing battle in the depths of Khyber near Blackroot in the Shadow Marches.
• After it abandoned Toraash and headed for Alia, Galleon bonded with the Coat of Eyes and it granted him a strange vision: He flew out of his body across the land of Khorvaire until he was above Sharn. He fell from the sky past the floating towers and districts of the City of Knives into the Cogs beneath the city and winding his way through the tunnels, he wound up within a trap-laden tomb und ultimately in a ritual chamber as a skeletal woman wearing an ornate funerary mask with cold green fire in her eyes assumed an ornamented crown.
• By defeating Toraash and the cultists, the heroes were able to rescue Doria Veledaar, though she is only now awakening. Perhaps when she regains consciousness she can let the heroes know what lies in the chambers beyond…

Redline to Blackroot
Wherein our heroes investigate a strange village...

• The heroes arrived in Blackroot in the Shadow Marches and found the village to be less than hospitable. After being in town for only a few minutes, they were asked to leave by reeve Toraash, a sheriff of sorts.
• The heroes investigated to home of the Veledaar family and found signs of a struggle and a holy symbol of a mummified eye on a necklace.
• Following a trail of arcane energy, the heroes made their way into a cavern system and found a defaced holy shrine and walls covered in living words that caused the heroes to turn on one another before coming to their senses.
• Emerging from a tunnel into a natural cavern, the heroes discovered the reeve Toraash girded in a breastplate made of muscle and covered with living eyes. At his side was a mob of cultists and a horrific tentacled creature stood over the prone form of Doria Veledaar.

Tracking the Beast
Through quick action and fast thinking, the heroes follow the Mist Haunt to the base of Dalannan Tower
  • Upon returning to the ceremony, the party was celebrated as heroes and received the thanks of Davek ir’Tain.
  • The heroes then tracked the beast to the base of Dalannan Tower in a commercial district.
  • They burst into an Air-Taxi Hangar and found Bren ir’Gadden leaving on an elemental airship with a fiery green ring.
  • While racing for a skiff to pursue ir’Gadden, Galleon discovered an eldritch machine threatening to bring the whole tower down. He tried to assist the men and strange creature maintaining the machines, but he can only absorb some of the energy the machine is giving off. Alia will be needed to deactivate the machines and save the collapsing Tower.
  • Darius is battered and bloodied as he faces off with the Mourning Haunt, which is also bloody.
  • Clank heroically leaped from the hangar bay in an attempt to catch the rope trailing from the escaping airship… and missed. After falling several stories through thin air, he was caught by Captain Icarus d’Lyrandar and the crew of the elemental airship, Fortune & Glory.
A Time to Mourn
A ceremony commemorating the Day of Mourning is interrupted by a deadly mist...

• The heroes defeated Saber, warforged agent of the Lord of Blades, thwarting the warforged prophet’s attempt to claim the schema. This is sure to attract the ire of the warlord in the future if he were to somehow learn the reason behind his servant’s failure…

• After learning that their patron, Lady Dannae, had no connection to House Cannith, the party decided to exchange the schema with the House directly at a ceremony commemorating the Day of Mourning.

• The halfling outrider Atreyu and his clawfoot companion, Clevergirl, decided to take their leave of the group and explore the lands east of Sharn.

• At the ceremony itself the heroes met quite a few persons of interest.
o Davek ir’Tain – A misogynistic nobleman who grumbled about his trouble with kruthiks in his foundry in the Cogs.
o Bren ir’Gadden – The stern half-elf officer whom the heroes rescued from the Tower of Scars on the Day of Mourning, though the noble himself had no recollection of his rescue at their hands. To be fair, he was dazed into a catatonic state by the Mark of Prophecy at the hands of those dolgrim fiends.
o Lucan Stellos – This suave ladies’ man was courting Lady Elaydren before the heroes approached and he took his leave.
o Lady Elaydren d’Cannith – This beautiful and enchanting House Cannith noble and dragonmarked heir conducted the exchange of the Sharn schema on her house’s behalf and expressed her gratitude to the heroes.
o Darius Trueblood – This savage shifter warden seemed incredibly out of place at this aristocratic ceremony, but his presence proved incredibly valuable.

• The schema exchange with Lady Elaydren d’Cannith went smoothly until a thick, dead-gray mist rolled in and guests began disappearing into it. The mist itself was a manifestation of a demon called a Mourning Haunt – a hulking, white-furred beast tied to the Day of Mourning.

• The demon may have massacred the entire guest list, were it not for the noble actions of the heroes and the shifter warden, Darius Trueblood. Together, the party managed to severely wound the creature, forcing it to flee (much to Darius’s dismay), but what was it doing there? Was it after the schema at Lady Dannae’s direction as they suspect or is something even more sinister at work?

The Ruins of Dorasharn
In which the heroes explore the ruins and discover the forgotten forge...

• The heroes explored the ruins of Dorasharn, deep beneath modern day Dorasharn Tower.

• Within, they discovered the forgotten House Cannith forge and after defeating the forge’s automated defenses, they revealed a secret vault containing the Sharn schema. Also within the hidden vault was an old map bearing markings written in Draconic and what could be a snippet of the Prophecy.

• The party is still unsure of what they will do with the schema, whether they turn it over to Lady Dannae or some other authority (like House Cannith directly), perhaps through some contact Alia may have with her House.

• When the heroes emerged from the foundry, schema in hand, they were confronted by a hulking warforged brute carrying a headsman’s axe who identified himself as Sabre, a servant of the Lord of Blades, who demanded they turn over the schema or die.

Into the Depths
Our heroes descend to the lower levels of Dorasharn Tower...

• Our heroes negotiated a deal with Lady Dannae Ulyan of Aerenal, who is working with conjunction with House Cannith, to retrieve a schema from the depths of Dorasharn Tower for 1000 gp. Alia showed serious distrust of Lady Dannae and her ties to House Cannith, and Clank observed the elven noble was attracted to Galleon.

• The heroes travelled across the city into the lower levels of Dorasharn Tower to the Rat’s Market, where they got a guide to the E-213 valve cluster and noticed they had picked up a tail.

• After being left by their guide, Skakar the goblin merchant, the heroes were ambushed by a stealthy warforged and his two shifter cohorts. The warforged was defeated, and Galleon quickly grabbed the lurker’s final messenger, although one shifter did escape.

• The heroes then opened the vault door to the ruins of Dorasharn through a clever use of the Cannith journal, and descended a long, downward-sloping shaft and entered into a large, darkened chamber filled with half-collapsed buildings.

• Atreyu and Clevergirl were sent off to scout the area and returned with the news that “the floor moves,” and the session ended with a shifting, chittering carpet of insects closing in…

Redline to Sharn, The City of Towers
Emerging from the Mists to a different world...

• The heroes emerged from the Dead-Gray Mist to find they had been lost in the Mournland for almost 4 years.

Alia d’Cannith revealed she is a member of House Cannith who worked as a prospector of dragonshards, but her true passion is her study of the Draconic Prophecy. She also mentioned that it was the culmination of her work (which she stores within an unusual dragonshard she keeps on her person), that brought her to the Tower of Scars.

• After gaining a halfling outrider companion, they traveled by lightning rail to Sharn, City of Towers. When they arrived, Atreyu, Clevergirl, and Alia d’Cannith agreed to stay in the heroes’ company.

• While navigating the city, the heroes defeated a female personality warforged who fought with a reckless abandon that is very uncommon in warforged, though it was reminiscent of Clankston’s style. When defeated, a winged sphere imbedded in the warforged’s chest detached itself and sped off into the night.

• After settling things with Sgt. Dolom and the Sharn City Watch, the heroes continued on to the Broken Anvil Inn, where they were met by man in a hooded cloak bearing the seal of House Cannith. He directed them to a mysterious woman awaiting them at a table in the back of the common room.

Mark of Prophecy
Three at the brink of desolation unite...

• On the evening of 20 Olarune, 994 YK, our heroes, Galleon Grave and Clankston Gearsmasher, headed east on an elemental airship to the battle taking place at Saerun Pass on the border of the nation of Cyre following the command of Ser Krueger, a Raven Knight in the Lady’s service.

• They air-dropped down into the brush outside the Tower of Scars with instructions to enter and secure some captives that agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw were on their way to collect.

• Within the tower, the heroes found a pair of dolgrims holding a young human artificer, and were experimenting on an older half-elf noble using a portion of the Draconic Prophecy that was embedded in the floor of the tower. When studied, the Mark of Prophecy showed a mosaic of images and the words, “Three at the brink of desolation stand as one as they sail across the oceans of time.” These words were imprinted on Grave’s mind.

• As they tried to make good their escape with Alia and the catatonic half-elf noble, they were intercepted by the team of Emerald Claw operatives, lead by a skeletal, elven woman wielding a bone staff and wearing a golden funerary mask.

• During the battle with the Emerald Claw, a devastating conflagration of smoke and flame swept across the nation of Cyre in their direction before engulfing them completely just as they finished off their final opponent, the elven necromancer.


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