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The scrying pool was a mirror of the sky, and the glittering Ring of Siberys stretched across its surface. Krueger whispered and the image grew, moving closer and closer until he could see the individual stones that made up a particular section of the ring. The shards were silhouetted against the lunar sphere of Rhaan, and the image was unmistakable: Khyber’s Claw, surrounded by the light of the crimson moon.

For days, he had watched the signs appear in the heavens, cross-referencing the omens with the Codex of Alaraxus and the movement of smoke and water. This was the final piece in the puzzle. The Becoming God would be awakened and the Abomination would harness the power of the dead gods – granting her true immortality and enslaving creation for all time. Only the Heroes of Time could prevent her victory: the Noble Star, the Shadow’s Shadow, the Keeper, and the Juggernaut. Tonight he would head to Khorvaire; tomorrow he would begin the search for his soldiers of destiny.

The Draconic Prophecies

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